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GetFit uses science and results based fitness to create a customized, high energy, efficient workout, maximizing time for optimal results. Individualized workouts are created to cater to all fitness levels, modified to accommodate beginners, moderate, and advanced fitness enthusiasts. Workout programs vary from week to week to increase growth and progress, with coaches creating new programs based upon your individual needs.

With GetFit, you have coaches that pledge to support you throughout your fitness journey. They are available if you have any questions about your individualized fitness program, or just need some additional encouragement and/or support. GetFit’s goal is to help you reach your fitness potential, by assisting you in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without the struggle of doing it on your own.


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Once you register as a member of the GetFit community, we will begin with a nutrition and lifestyle assessment. Learning more about your current lifestyle, and routines, along with your fitness and nutrition goals. After collaborating on an individualized nutrition and fitness plan, you will have access to everything you need through the GetFit app.


On the mobile app you will have access to remote coaching, personalized workouts, videos tutorials on proper form and technique, along with warmup and recovery exercises, and a personalized nutrition and meal prep plan. Everything you need to start your fitness journey, will be available all in one place, and accessible wherever you go. In addition to the GetFit app, when you register as part of the GetFit community, you also have the ability to schedule workout sessions at GetFit’s private home gym located in Norman, Oklahoma.

Some of the common struggles people face when it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

*Not having enough time.

*Finding exercise to be boring.

*Being too self-conscious about how they look to feel comfortable working out.

*Having tried in the past and failed.

*Not being able to afford a personal trainer.

We’ve Got Your Fitness Goals in Mind

GetFit eliminates these common struggles. With GetFit, workouts are programmed to your individual needs, accommodating your schedule in order to successfully incorporate fitness into your life. For those who constantly find themselves traveling for work, or struggling to maintain a routine while on vacation, GetFit coaches can program workouts to fit your needs, wherever you are.

With customized workout plans varying to increase growth and progress, coaches ensure that you don’t become stagnant and bored, repeating the same workout routines week after week.

Individualized workouts can be done anywhere you feel the most comfortable. Have a local gym you love working out at? Prefer to workout at home? Or want to schedule a session at GetFit’s private home gym? GetFit workouts can be modified to your needs and personal comfort.

With the support of GetFit coaches you are no longer on this journey alone, and will be supported throughout the entire process. We are here to help you succeed in being the best version of yourself possible.

While most gyms charge $100 or more per personal training session, GetFit makes achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle affordable for everyone. GetFit provides you with access to tutorials, personal coaches, individualized workout plans, personalized nutritional programming, and the ability to take all of this with you, wherever you go.

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